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At Your Service

Bass's Oil Change wants to keep your vehicle operating at its optimum level. Our certified experts are dedicated to bringing you the best performance solutions. No problem is too big or too small for us to handle. See the list of services we offer below.


Good - Valvoline Premium®

Full - Service Oil Change

Better - Valvoline DuraBlend®

Best - Valvoline SynPower®

Best - Valvoline MaxLife®

Are you over 75,000 miles? Switch to MaxLife™

All oil services priced up to 5 qts of oil

Cartridge Oil Filters Extra



Automatic Transmission Service

Radiator Drain & Fill

4x4 Drive Services

Fuel Filters

Serpentine Belt Service

Manual Transmission Drain & Fill

Fuel Injector System Service

Power Steering Service

Engine Flush

Engine Oil System Cleaning Service



Air Conditioning Odor Eliminator Service

Cooling System Service

Differential Service

3 Part Fuel System Service

PCV Valves

Windshield Wiper Blades

Air Filters

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